By DAPO staff

The Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO) Southern Region Parole participated in the 2018 Special Olympic Law Enforcement Torch Run.

South Coast Parole District hosted the event which included 88 runners and about 40 other participants from the Mid-City, Riverside, San Gabriel Valley, High Desert, and Harbor Districts.

Southern Region Headquarters, Parole Outpatient Clinic, and Santa Ana Day Reporting Center staff also participated.

This is the largest participation in the 18-year DAPO participation in this event surpassing last year’s 48 runners.

“Hands down DAPO had the largest group in all of Orange County and it was amazing to see how supportive DAPO runners were of each other, teambuilding at its best,” said Ray Martinez, Special Olympic Volunteer & Specials Events Manager and Special Events.

The torch was received from the Costa Mesa Police Department and was handed off to the University of California, Irvine, Police Department via United Airlines.  After the run, the participants returned to Irvine Parole Complex and had tacos for lunch.

The torch run event raises funds for the Special Olympics and this year the DAPO Southern Region team raised $2,620.

Regional Parole Administrator Karen Thacker, who is a key supporter and runner said, “It is great to see the large participation in such a worthy event. This is a wonderful opportunity for the department to support our community.”