Chcf Mattie

Mattie, a puppy to be trained by inmates at CHCF, bears the name of a fallen K-9 who served the institution until a fatal 2013 car accident that also claimed the life of Officer Gilbert Cortez.

By Lt. Barry Tisdale, AA/PIO
California Health Care Facility

When a new puppy arrived for training at California Health Care Facility, the first order of business was deciding on a suitable name. Many suggestions were made but eventually staff decided to name the dog after one lost in the line-of-duty in 2013.

Officer Gilbert Cortez and his K-9 partner Mattie were killed in an on-duty car accident in March 2013. The new puppy will honor Mattie’s memory by bearing the same name.

“CHCF management team reached out to staff requesting suggestions for our new puppy, many of which were considered,” wrote Warden Michael Martel in a memo to staff. “The one name that was a favorite of many was the name Mattie. … In honor (of Mattie’s memory), this is the name we chose for our CHCF puppy. … We are looking forward to watching Mattie grow and become an integral part of the CHCF team.”

The pup will be trained by inmates and remain at the facility.

Correctional Officer Gilbert Cortez and Mattie were killed in an on-duty car accident in 2013.