Nksp Torch Run 2018

The three people at left in gray shirts are NKSP Officers Perry Ward, Yvonne Trejo, and Jorge Ochoa.

North Kern prison puts forth first torch run team in Kern County

By Lt. Jose Martinez, AA/PIO
North Kern State Prison

Special Olympics Southern California held the Law Enforcement Torch Run in Bakersfield on Monday, June 4. It wasn’t your average run as this marked a first for the department and Kern County.

The Kern County Leg of the Torch Run was CDCR’s first entry as a team in Kern County thanks to North Kern State Prison.

NKSP Correctional Officers Perry Ward, Yvonne Trejo and Jorge Ochoa laced up their shoes to represent the prison in the county.

CIM team raises $6,500 for Special Olympics

By Lt. Tom Lopez, AA/PIO
California Institution for Men

The California Institution for Men (CIM) participated in Special Olympics Torch Run on Monday, June 4.

Runners from CIM and the Chino Police Department ran in formation through the streets of Chino, with torch held high for all of the community to see.

CIM donated $6,500 to the Special Olympics prior to lacing up their running shoes.