Rjd Appreciation 1

Associate Warden C. Covel and Capt. P. Bracamonte, hand out lunches to incoming and outgoing staff at the Staff Entrance.

By Lt. Jennifer Davies, AA/PIO
Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility

Doing more with less is the constant struggle faced by CDCR.  The Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility (RJDCF) is no exception to this, as it is one of the most complex missions within the department.

Management is tasked with thinking outside of the box when it comes to providing effective leadership. We say, “Do more for the team, with less focus on self.”  The Executive Staff found a perfect opportunity to do more for the team when this year’s National Correctional Officers and Employees Week rolled around.

On May 9, RJD’s Executive Staff pushed up their sleeves and put in hours extra of work, before and after their regular hours. Before the San Diego sun rose over Rock Mountain, the institution’s decision-makers were picking up fresh donuts and coffee for the First Watch staff and setting up just in time to begin handing out the small gratitude as staff were exiting the institution to head home.

It didn’t stop there. Second and Third Watch staff were also surprised with gifts of appreciation. At 1030 hours and again at 1500 hours, Executive Staff fired up the charcoal grill and prepared some of the best tasting hot dogs accompanied with chips and drinks. Carts driven by Captains and Associate Wardens delivered the boxed meals of gratitude to the respected facilities and various departments throughout the institution.

This was just one small way RJD management staff was able to show appreciation for the continued efforts of the hard-working correctional staff that make up RJD.

Rjd Appreciation 2

Executive Staff work together to prepare hot dog lunches to express their appreciation toward the RJDCF staff.