Kvsp Blood Drive 1

Warden Christian Pfeiffer joined the Two Gallon Club for blood donations.

By Lt. Michael Betzinger, AA/PIO
Kern Valley State Prison

Kvsp Blood Drive 4

KVSP staff rolled up their sleeves to donate blood.

Recently, Kern Valley State Prison partnered with the Houchin Blood Bank with great succes. Initially, the hope was to receive 47 units of blood; however, a surge of 14 first-time donors helped KVSP exceed the goal, receiving a total of 59 units.

Tracy Hunter, Community Development Account Manager for the Houchin Blood Bank, attributed the success of this Blood Drive to outstanding participation driven by strong leadership.

“A huge thank you to Warden Pfeiffer for his continued support of these blood drives. It’s the strong leadership in an organization like yours that contributes to the success of these blood drives and ultimately benefits the life of a patient in need,” Hunter said.

As further evidence of Warden Pfeiffer’s dedication to the cause, his donation on this date earned him passage into the blood bank’s Two Gallon Club.

Warden Pfeiffer attributed the event’s success to the staff’s dedication to helping others in need.

“The generosity of our employees never ceases to amaze me,” he said. “Dedicated staff such as ours are truly the Department’s greatest resource.”

Kvsp Blood Drive 3

KVSP staff lined up to donate blood.