Vsp Cross Training 2018

Valley State Prison staff attended an unusual three-day cross-training event.

Academic Instructors from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, Center for Criminality and Addiction Research, Training and Application (CCARTA), collaborated with the CDCR Division of Rehabilitative Programs and Valley State Prison to host a three-day training event at the Merced Parole Office this spring.

Over 50 staff members attended the cross-training event which brought both West Care treatment providers and VSP custody staff into a shared skill-building and problem-solving training environment.

The CCARTA nationally and internationally recognized academic and multidisciplinary professional experts delivered the interactive curriculum.

The curriculum included presentations, lectures from guest subject matter experts, and small group activities designed to educate the treatment providers and custody staff with each other’s roles and responsibilities.

The course was also designed to stimulate better communications between the two disciplines.

Warden Raythel Fisher provided the initial welcome greeting and set the expectation to learn from this valuable training opportunity.

Warden Fisher returned on the third day and followed up with the treatment staff and custody staff to ensure that the training objectives were met by allowing staff to provide their insights regarding the training.

The feedback from the staff was well received and very positive.