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Victor Villasenor and CAL staff.

By Lt. Efren Uribe, AA/PIO
Calipatria State Prison

Calipatria State Prison (CAL) recently hosted renowned author Victor Villasenor as a guest speaker for a graduation of inmates receiving GEDs and AA degrees. He also gave a two-hour presentation to another group of the inmate population at CAL.

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Victor Villasenor

Villasenor spoke to the inmates June 14-15 to reach as many inmates as possible during his visit.

Villasenor shared his life stories and the struggles he had to overcome throughout his life. During his lecture he encouraged and challenged the inmates to document their life struggles. To begin a journal and write in it every day the hardships they have endured in their lives. He told the inmates, “Every one of you has a story to tell. Write it and tell your story.”

During his lecture, Villasenor encouraged the inmates to get their education, better themselves and read as many books as possible; to change the course of their lives and move into a productive path. He encouraged them to strive for success in whatever path they chose to take and to not limit themselves by stigmas.

“If your past owns you then you have no future, but if you own your past, then you have a chance at a bright future,” he told the inmates.

The inmates who attended the lecture said they were very intrigued and enjoyed Villasenor’s lecture.

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