By Lt. Elias Garcia, AA/PIO
California Correctional Institution

The California Correctional Institution (CCI) joined with other law enforcement agencies in the small mountain town of Tehachapi on Aug. 7 to participate in the annual National Night Out.

National Night Out has been held annually since 1984 as a community building campaign that promotes law enforcement and community partnerships with the goal of making neighborhoods safer. This opportunity allows law enforcement and neighbors to come together under positive circumstances.

CCI Institutional Gang Investigators were on scene with a display case of contraband found at the prison over the years by correctional officers in the performance of their duties.

Correctional Officer T. Stanley, the Court Liaison Officer in ISU, brought out metal detectors and had children searching for pennies in the grass. Officer Stanley displayed patience and an enthusiastic energy for each child as they lined up to have a turn with the metal detector.

As the children took turns searching, parents spoke with CCI staff about increased criminal activity in their neighborhoods and safety measures they have taken to prevent crime on their streets.

The response to National Night Out was positive.

“It was nice to interact with the public and receive a warm welcome. I know my staff and I enjoyed answering questions and watching the kids search for pennies was priceless,” said Lt. K. Campbell, Institutional Gang Investigator.