Sac Basketball 2018

CSP-Sacramento staff settled an old score with a basketball game. From left are THE VETERANS TEAM Sgt. J. Lewis, Officer J. Thompson, Officer J. Johnson, Lt. G. Hampton, Officer M. Johnson, Officer J. Villanueva, Capt. S. Riley (in the back), Officer R. Chavez, and Officer Z. Rayford (not pictured Correctional Counselor II J. Polich).

By L.A. Quinn, AA/PIO
California State Prison, Sacramento

On June 9, the St. John Vianney Church graciously hosted a basketball game to settle a long, on-going and good-natured dispute between some of the staff at California State Prison, Sacramento (CSP-SAC). For years there has been a debate on whether the more seasoned staff who were once members of the CSP-SAC basketball team were better athletes than the younger staff who currently make up the prison’s team. Kind of like the LeBron vs Jordan debate of today but on a much, much, much smaller scale.

Both teams laced up their basketball shoes and knee braces to represent their age groups in a fun competition to settle the debate once and for all. Family and friends filled the chairs that aligned the walls of the small gymnasium to cheer on their favorite players and lend support to both teams as the smell of street tacos and nachos being sold at the snack bar and sports cream from the veteran’s bench filled the air.

Both teams came out strong with the veterans giving their younger competitors (some almost half their age) a run for their money in the first half. During the second half, father time reared his weary head as the veterans began to slow down.

Taking full advantage of their youth, the youngsters stepped it up a notch; scoring baskets with impressive shooting and playing solid defense.

Ultimately, they surmounted a lead that was too much for the veterans to overcome. In the end, it was all smiles and good sportsmanship as both teams exchanged high fives and hugs. The veterans were gracious in defeat (60-74) as they passed the torch to the youngsters.

But most importantly, by coming together and participating in events like this, they are passing on the CSP-SAC tradition of teamwork and camaraderie.