2018 Ctf Staff Honored By I Can

From left, Officers G. Edward, L. Blas and R. Lopez; Assistant Classification and Parole Representative K. Heinly; I-CAN Director Christine Ward; Warden Craig Koenig; Assistant Classification and Parole Representatives M. Aceves and C. Delgado-Miranda; and Officer T. Testerman.

A state crime victims group honored Correctional Training Facility (CTF) staff members earlier this year for helping crime victims at parole hearings.

Christine Ward, Executive Director of I-CAN, also known as the Crime Victims Assistance Network, said the institution’s staff “goes above and beyond to make victims as comfortable as possible” at hearings held at the prison.

She said the staff’s help is important because “it is stressful and traumatic for victims attending parole hearings. Some have never been to a prison before.

“From checking in at the gate to getting to the hearing room, they are helpful, respectful and have been wonderful to partner with,” she said.

I-CAN, based in Sacramento, provides support statewide to crime victims, including support at parole hearings.