Photos by Clarissa Resultan, TV Specialist
Office of Public and Employee Communications

To learn more about the recent Day of Preparedness event held in Old Sacramento, Inside CDCR caught up with Mandy Johnson, CDCR’s Senior Emergency Management Coordinator for the Office of Correctional Safety’s Emergency Planning and Management Unit (EPMU).

How was the reception by the public?
This is California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) 13th annual Day of Preparedness. The event was very well received and attended by members of the community from multiple counties.

Why are events such as these important?
September is National Preparedness Month. California is prone to many disasters and all Californians should have a disaster plan and be ready to survive. Visitors will learn about emergency preparedness as well as experience a variety of disaster readiness demonstrations, watch water rescues, and see the skills of search and rescue dogs in action.

What did CDCR staff do for the event?
Our staff manned a booth and shared information about how we respond to emergency situations at different institutions, provided multiple K-9 demonstrations using two different types of search response methods: active – the dog scratched at the box he smelled narcotics in, and passive – the dog sat and barked next to the box he smelled narcotics in. We also provided CalPIA coffee, cookies and almonds. We were able to distribute information flyers about the Department and the rewards of being a CDCR officer.

How many CDCR staff were involved?
A total of nine staff participated as well as two CDCR dogs:
3 OCS EMPU personnel: Michael Day, Mandy Johnson and Dave Lewis.
3 CRT members: Kerisiano Fenika (MCSP), Blake McTaggart (MCSP) and Timothy Drake (CSP-SAC).
2 K-9 teams (2 humans and 2 dogs): Paul Avery and Scout (FOL), Avelino Ramirez and Bravo (SQSP)
1 OPEC TV Specialist for pictures: Clarissa Resultan (HQ)