Ciw Prison To Employment Inmates And Staff

Warden Muniz, , Caltrans, CIW IT staff and inmates.

By Lt. Rosie Thomas, AA/PIO
California Institution for Women

CDCR and Caltrans have partnered for “Prison to Employment” job fairs with Salinas Valley State Prison Warden William Muniz representing the department.

Ciw Prison To Employment Interview Process

The interview process.

The warden is working on a special assignment for the “Prison to Employment Initiative” with Caltrans for direct Civil Service placement. Caltrans offers jobs to the inmates upon their parole which is contingent on the inmates passing an online exam, job interview, urinalysis test and an Audiometric evaluation.

On July 17, the California Institution for Women (CIW) hosted a Caltrans “Prison to Employment” job fair for approximately 200 inmates who were within 90 days of being released. Caltrans employees spoke with the inmates regarding the job opportunities within the organization and gave them valuable information on how to apply upon their release. Of the 200 inmates, 32 inmates were eligible to take the online exam. Warden Muniz, Caltrans Human Resources and Caltrans staff assisted the inmates in logging onto an account which was created with assistance from CDCR’s Information Technology staff.

Upon the completion of the exam, 31 inmates were successful in passing the exam and moved on to the interview phase. The inmates sat in front of a panel of 3 Caltrans staff as they answered questions. Once the interviews were over, Caltrans offered 5 full time positions and 15 part time positions. The 20 inmates were then given the Audiometric evaluation which consisted of a physical, hearing and eye test.

The selected inmates were overjoyed and thanked Caltrans for giving them this opportunity. All inmates agreed the opportunity also gave them a sense of accomplishment, pride and confidence to reenter the work force.

“With help from CIW, Caltrans and Caltrans Human Resources and many others, we have been able to make the Governor’s vision a reality,” said Warden Muniz. “This is more than getting inmates into jobs; it really is about helping inmates stay out of prison.”

Dave Rechs, with the Government Operations Agency, said, “On behalf of Secretary Marybell Batjer, the Governor’s office is happy to partner to hire a diverse and inclusive work force. Its impact to employ all Californians will enhance services for citizens.”

Ciw Prison To Employment Inmates

Inmate testing.