Cmf Stuff The Bus 2018

Warden Robert W. Fox and CEO Lori Austin.

By California Medical Facility staff

What started as an idea by Lt. Megan Cherinka, followed by a phone call to the Solano County Board of Education, came to fruition on Aug. 15, when California Medical Facility (CMF) delivered 105 filled backpacks to foster children and underprivileged youth within Solano County.

Each backpack was filled with an assortment of different items depending on the age of the student as part of the “Stuff the Bus” campaign. With such a wide spectrum of ages from kindergarten to twelfth grade, each backpack was meticulously stuffed and double checked by staff to include items such as binder paper, spiral notebooks, pencil boxes, pencils, erasers, colored markers, crayons, glue sticks, rulers, composition books, pencil sharpeners, hand sanitizer and more.

CMF staff was able to choose which grade they would like to purchase and then drop the backpack off in a barrel in the Administration Building foyer.

CMF CEO Lori Austin posed a challenge to the medical and mental health teams and filled over 50 backpacks which were then filled by Administrative Assistant Noelle McDonald. Each member volunteered to bring in one item for the bags, whether it was crayons or glue, staff poured supplies into the CEO office.

“This is amazing to provide supplies for children who are in need for the upcoming school year. A new backpack and the tools needed to be successful will start them off on the right foot, providing confidence,” said CEO Austin.

When Warden Robert W. Fox saw the amount of donations, he was grateful to the staff for their willingness to help.

“I’m happy to be a part of such a great team who always answers the call for the community,” Warden Fox said. “These supplies could be going to future doctors, lawyers or law enforcement. What is just a pencil to some can be more than that to a child who does not have the resources.”