By Office of Training and Professional Development Staff

Peace Officer Selection and Employee Development, Office of Training and Professional Development (OTPD), has completed the deployment of the CDCR training portal, or Learning Management System (LMS) throughout the Department.

With the exception of Bargaining Unit 6 Rank and File, all staff have access to valuable training that will allow for professional development opportunities, expand the skill sets of the Department, and meet training mandates.

This training includes access to expanded Microsoft Office training and modules such as completed staff work, time management, and leadership courses.  The following link LMS Course Offerings provides a listing of all coursework currently available.

A full description of all modules is available in the LMS under the “Courses” section.  Additional training modules will be added regularly.  Staff may also view a transcript of their own training record at any time.

“Our goal throughout the development of the LMS was to bring additional training resources to staff in all classifications,” said Associate Director Stacy Lopez.  “Our employees will no longer need to look outside the Department to build on their job skills.”

Training records from legacy systems will be added to the LMS by the end of the year.  LMS will contain all training records for each staff person and that record will be available throughout the department, even as employees change job locations and classifications.

OTPD has designed specific reports for the Office of Audits and Court Compliance which support the institutions and is currently working to expand the reporting capabilities for a variety of stakeholder needs, including court-mandated reporting.

In the near future, OTPD is working with the Staff Development Unit at California Correctional Health Care Services to merge its LMS platform and CDCR’s into one, streamlined training and reporting gateway.