Cor Cell Phone Donation 2018

By Lt. Edward Sanchez, AA/PIO
California State Prison, Corcoran

The California State Prison-Corcoran (CSP-Coran) Investigative Services Unit (ISU), Cell Phones for Soldiers Foundation donation which was a huge success.

Through the hard work of everyone involved in confiscating contraband, ISU has been able to process over 1,300 cell phones that will be packaged and donated to an active duty service member and/or veteran in need of a cell phone.

Through the generous contributions of all CSP-Corcoran staff, ISU was able to raise over $1,200 in donations that will also be given to the Cell Phones for Soldiers Foundation to purchase calling cards for the cell phones.

“On behalf of the CSP-Corcoran ISU, the Community Resources Manager’s office, and Warden (A) Ken Clark, thank you to all the staff who participated in this worthy cause,” institution organizers said.