Prison warden speaks to class

CSP-LAC Warden Debbie Asuncion.

By Lt. Richard Ochoa, AA/PIO
CSP-Los Angeles County

As CDCR works continuously on enhancing public safety, University of Southern California (USC) has a similar mission. The Safe Communities Institute (SCI) Executive Leadership Program at USC is committed to public safety. They have brought a new approach to community safety by bringing leaders of Law Enforcement together to share their experience and concepts to gain new ideas on how to better serve their community.

Many staff members from California State Prison-Los Angeles County (CSP-LAC) have graduated from this course and shared their valuable knowledge that they gained from USC. Graduates include Investigative Service Unit (ISU) Officer L. Vaca, Lt.  R. Ochoa, and Capt. D.J. Williams. The course covered many topics including Conflict Resolution, Decision Making and Crisis Management. A remarkable addition to the graduation and for the first time in SCI graduation ceremonies history, SCI had a Warden and Captain from CDCR as honorary guest speakers.

Warden Debbie Asuncion spoke about the changes and challenges CDCR has faced and how programs such as SCI are needed in continuing to evaluate how we serve our communities.

Capt. Williams talked about the legacy that we leave behind.

“Many changes have occurred in every law enforcement agency in the way we engage different circumstances and even how we communicate,” he said. “As a leader, you teach you subordinates and your peers. No matter what field we are in, a legacy is left behind, the question you must ask yourself: ‘What is your legacy?'”

Prison captain speaks to class.

Capt. D.J. Williams speaks to the rest of the class.