Pupp Graduation 8 30 18 071

By Lt. Robert Kelsey, AA/PIO
Sierra Conservation Center

The second group from Sierra Conservation Center’s (SCC) Prisoners Uniting People and Puppies (PUPP) recently graduated eight former shelter dogs who completed the 12- week program and received their K-9 good citizen certification.

This program takes shelter dogs from Friends of the Animal Community, and Kate’s Rescue in the local area, and after temperament testing they are brought to SCC to begin training to become more adoptable dogs.

Once placed a local dog trainer in the area who volunteers each Thursday works with inmates from our Level II, and Level III yards on a weekly curriculum. At the end of the 12 weeks the dogs are tested on all previously taught skills and if they pass receive certification as a K-9 good citizen certification. So far, most of the previous graduates have been placed into forever homes and are enjoying their new more well behaved lives.

Pupp Graduation 8 30 18 234