Djj Lodi Art Show 1

Story and photos by CDCR staff

In celebration of the grape harvest, each year the City of Lodi hosts the annual Lodi Grape Festival. This September, the city celebrated its 81st year with the theme “I heard it through the Grapevine.”

One of the many competitive exhibits taking place during the festival is the grape mural competition. The requirements for submission are that the mural must be made out of anything that was once living, like grapes, nuts, corn, dried beans, peas, etc.

Both Johanna Boss and N.A. Chaderjian High Schools of the Northern California Youth Correctional Center in CDCR’s Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) entered the competition, as they do each year.

This year, participating youth came away big winners, claiming first, second and third place ribbons in the grape mural competition.

“I am super proud of our youth being able to work together regardless of any type of barriers and be able to earn the recognition for what they achieved,” NCYCC Superintendent Linda Bridges said. “They were conscious of the resources they had to work with and they did a really great job putting together some real nice artwork that represented the sounding community and their own growth within the Division of Juvenile Justice.”

The winning artwork was created by the following youth:

Djj Lodi Art Show 2

Johanna Boss High School

  • Romaldo Aragon-Rodriguez
  • Tionte Beard
  • Jacobi Garcia
  • Trevor Jackson
  • Jose Lopez
  • Jeremy Lucas
  • Armando Mendoza
  • Adrian Molina
  • Chance Remington
  • Tamoni Robinson
  • Anthony Sanchez
  • Lenny Villalobos
  • De’Marcus Williams


N.A. Chaderjian High School

  • Christian Caballero,
  • Fountaine-Sneede
  • Yael Garcia
  • Deon Magee
  • Williams Fields
  • Ernesto Reyes
  • Tory Singleton
  • Suarez-Lopez
  • M. Luna
  • Miguel Campos
  • Adolfo Gonzalez
  • Juan Gonzalez
  • Reneal Goudeau
  • Brandon House
  • Charles Kerns Jr.
  • Nathaniel Lujano
  • Jonnathan Sanchez
  • Joseph Valadez
  • Marcelino Vizcarra
  • Kevron Byrd
  • Eduardo Gutierrez
  • Kobe Hempstead
  • Martinez-Santos
  • Silvano Valencia
  • Benjamin Rivero
  • Joel Zavala
  • Alvarez Varello
  • De Jon Paradise
  • John Williams
  • Faustino Becerra

Djj Lodi Art Show 3