California State Prison, Sacramento, initiated a special tribute to CDCR staff members statewide who have served in the military by requesting photos during their military service, foreign and domestic.

“Veterans Day is the anniversary of the signing of the armistice, which ended the World War I hostilities between the Allied nations and Germany on November 11, 1918. Veterans Day formerly known as Armistice Day was officially made a legal public holiday in 1954. Today, Veterans Day is a holiday celebrated on November 11th, in which Veterans are thanked for their services to the United States. In light of this honored tradition, please join us in paying tribute to the many women and men, of CSP-Sacramento and CDCR who honorably served, answering our nation’s call to duty. Thank you for your commitment, bravery, dedication, and your sacrifice. We honor you on this Veterans Day and we thank you!”

– Jeff Lynch, Warden (A), California State Prison, Sacramento

(Not pictured, but recognized for their service, are the following military veterans California State Prison, Solano: Howard McGilvrey, Air Force, Vocational Education California Correctional Center, AW. A. Amero, Officer C. Tolley, Case Records Analyst D. Longabaugh, Carpenter II J. Gobet, Officer K. Chen, Dentist D. McCann, M&SS I N. Cottrell, CHSA I W. Dillon, GED Teacher T. Borm, Electrician II J. Overman, CCII P. Lee Matlock, AGPA S. Scovel, CCI D. Barker, CCII J. Ammon, Chief Engineer I R. Friddle, Sergeant R. Davis, Officer P. Hussein, Officer A. Lares, Officer C. Jett, Officer P. Cornwell, Sergeant E. Callison , Sergeant A. Skillen, Officer R. Mata, Officer T. Patterson, Officer R. Cramer , Officer D. Rahming , Correctional Supervising Cook D. Johnson, Maintenance Mechanic R. , Nichols, Officer J. Martin, Officer B. Marker Officer R. Smith, Phycologist S. Johnson , Welding Instructor M. Herman, Heavy Truck Driver E. Michel, LVN M. Mussen, OT B. Roman, D. Bianchini – Case Records Technician, Officer B. Bangayan, Officer S. Baldoz, Sergeant J. Cochran, AW J. Stiles, Sergeant R. Pettus, Officer W. Keene, CC III D. McConnell, Officer R. Shafer, Cal PIA J. Badeker Division of Adult Parole Operations (APU): Kevin Walker US Army 12B20P Combat Engineer, East Bay APU PAII (A), Randy Krings US Air Force Vietnam 1968 – 1972-West Bay APU PAII, Jahmal Prudhomme US Army 1987 – 1998- Capitol District APU PAII (A) Division of Adult Parole Operations (APU) – Auburn Unit: Agent Chris Haws-US Army, Agent Marco Cruz-US Coast Guard Division of Adult Parole Operations Chico Unit: Agent Duane Shelton-US Army, Agent Robert Stevenson-US Navy Division of Adult Parole Operations Court Compliance Unit: Agent Mitch Crofoot-US Marine Corp, Agent Robert Gines-US Air Force Division of Adult Parole Operations Red Bluff Unit: Agent George Checa –US Marine Corp, Agent Daniel Carroll- US Air Force Division of Adult Parole Operations Redding Unit: Agent James Hicks- US Army, Agent Kevin McClure- US Army Division of Adult Parole Operations Sierra GPS Unit: Agent Stan Kelly- US Marine Corp Division of Adult Parole Operations Woodland Unit: Agent Jeff Jenkins-US Marine Corp, Agent Troy Libonati-US Marine Corp Division of Adult Parole Operations South Bay District: PAI Robert Marquez- Army, PAI John Detar- Marines, PAI John Perez- Navy, PAII(A) Benjamin Gibbs- Army, PAI Ace Acevedo- Marines, PAI Dexter Vo- Army, PAI Camille Burks- Army, PAI Jason Beatty- Air Force, PAI Arturo Byrd- Navy, Mike Wanzenried Division of Adult Parole Operations West Bay District: SF1 PAI Joseph Hutchings-Marines, SF1 PAII Rhoderick Reyes-Marines, SF1 PAI David Arestad-Navy, SF1 PAI Marco Montano- Coast Guard, Vallejo PAI Daniel Negrillo-Air Force, Eureka PAII Lewis Haws-Army)