By DAPO staff

Parole Administrator Diane Ronquillo and the Harbor District Supervision Team took time out to celebrate parole agents and staff who served our country.

Spearheaded by Parole Agent III Irma Gonzalez, the veterans were joined recently by their Harbor District co-workers for a sumptuous breakfast and provided assorted gifts of appreciation for their service.

Organizers hoped the event will provide a means to showcase the veterans’ achievements and provide a means to develop “Esprit de corps” among all the Harbor District Team.

Nearly all branches of our military were represented and included combat veterans from current and past military conflicts.  Many shared their experiences and gratitude for the maturity gained during their time of service.

Whether their role in the military was as a reservist, regular or career military, the Harbor District Team joins with the rest of DAPO to say “thank you for your service” to our staff statewide for the sacrifices they and their loved ones endured in service to our country.