Hdsp Ccc Hiring (2)

By Crystal McConnell, AA/PIO (A)
High Desert State Prison

High Desert State Prison (HDSP) and California Correctional Center recently held a hiring workshop with the help of the Office of Workforce Planning. The event was held at HDSP and was very successful bringing in approximately 91 potential candidates.

Interviews were conducted for Correctional Supervising Cook, Electronics Technician, Water & Sewage Plant Supervisor, Pest Control Technician, Correctional Case Records Analyst, Case Records Technician and Supervising Case Records Technician.  Approximately 36 interviews were conducted in those classifications.

The Office of Workforce Planning, under the leadership of Katherine Minnich, Deputy Director, Human Resources, is to be commended for their excellent skills in pulling off a Job Fair of this magnitude, trouble-free, according to prison staff.

Hdsp Ccc Hiring (3)

HDSP Warden Spearman, left, and CCC Warden Suzanne Peery, right, with the Office of Workforce Planning.