Parole Agents Shant And Ramiro Edited

Parole Agents Shant Sheklanian, left, and Ramiro Aguilera speak to school district officials about gangs.

By DAPO staff

Parole agents Ramiro Aguilera, Fresno 7 Gang Feeder Agent, and Shant Sheklanian, California Parole Apprehension Team/Multi Agency Gang Enforcement Consortium, were guest speakers at the Clovis Unified School District Security Staff Meeting. The agents spoke to school administrators, counselors and education professionals from the district’s numerous high schools.

The agents focused on a number of public safety issues including criminal street gangs, current trends in the drug culture, as well as the signs and symptomology of drug use.

The agents brought awareness to the staff and answered questions. After the presentation, many members of the audience approached the agents to thank them for their time and service to the community.

In light of the recent increase in opiate overdose deaths currently impacting the nationwide high school demographic, the presentation was well received. The agents were asked if they would be interested in returning for future presentations.