By Lt. Megan Cherinka, AA/PIO
California Medical Facility

On Dec. 1, California Medical Facility (CMF) in partnership with Operation with Love from Home (OWLFH) and 60 volunteers, family members and community packed 500 boxes for the men and women stationed overseas during the holiday season.

Over the past couple of months, CMF has come together with a Boot Drive raising over $5,500 in one day. Staff also took part in a toiletry drive. An inmate food sale also raised over $6,000 in donations. With contributions totaling $16,000, CMF was the largest contributor to OWLFH to date. OWLFH is supported by the Community Outreach Department at Queen of the Valley Medical Center in Napa. OWLFH is a group of volunteers who recognize the need to keep our brave men and women in our hearts throughout the year.

Each of the 500 individual packages contained various items such as boot socks, tissue, batteries, lip balm, sunblock, deodorant, disposable wipes, razors, toiletries, beef jerky, peanut butter, coffee and more. The staff of CMF was also able to collect over 600 handwritten letters of support from the surrounding community schools and retirement centers.

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