By Lt. Jose Benavides, AA/PIO
Pleasant Valley State Prison
Photos by Coalinga High School, Systems Media Class

A 17-year CDCR veteran has been tapped to lead the local high school football team as their head coach.

Correctional Lt. Ron Redding, who works at Pleasant Valley State Prison, is a 1995 graduate of Coalinga High School and a former player himself. He was a two-time first team all-league offensive tackle for the Horned Toads, the school’s team.

The football field decorated in the spectacular bright orange and black colors of the Coalinga Horned Toads is where you will find Coach Redding.

He knows well the pride and passion fellow Coalingan’s share for their Horned Toads.

“The community of Coalinga is supportive and exceedingly beyond passionate for their beloved Horned Toad football team. In a town of approximately 16,000 residents, football is ‘that’ event that unites our community,” he said.

The Horned Toads, who had just two wins in the previous two seasons before Coach Redding’s appointment, have already racked up an impressive 11 wins in just two seasons.

“We have had many challenges to overcome in the first two years, and although it is my aspiration to win a valley title, the conversion of our youths’ perception of hard work, competition, and maybe most importantly, of themselves is my biggest objective,” he said. “I believe the game of football has always been a great way of building a solid foundation for a young person’s life. Coaches prepare our youth by teaching them how to compete in life, as they learn the necessity of teamwork as well as learning how discipline will reap greater rewards than impulsivity can ever provide.”

“Lieutenant Redding is an exemplary employee; I am encouraged by his dedication as a Correctional Lieutenant and also to his community as the Coalinga Varsity Football coach.  I am hopeful his leadership will assist in the fundamental development of our youth,” said Jonathan Buckley, Chief Deputy Warden.