Ccc Camp Fire Donation 2018 1

CCC Warden Suzanne Peery, right, with members of the Susanville Fire Department to raise funds for the victims of the Camp Fire.

By Lt. Charlene Billings, AA/PIO
California Correctional Center

On Nov. 8, wildfires struck in the small town of Paradise and surrounding areas, displacing the entire community. The devastation has taken many lives, homes, and even the holiday spirit of most. Although the fire destroyed most everything in its path, citizens have pulled together to help one another by donating food, clothing, shelter for families and their animals, financial and emotional support.

California Correctional Center (CCC) Warden Suzanne Peery is a local Susanville Rotary Member for District 5190, and was challenged by the District Rotary Governor to assist the county in raising $100,000 in emergency relief funds to support the victims of the Camp Fire.

Correctional Officer Brett Cox pulled together CCC staff and hosted a breakfast burrito fundraiser to collect donations. The staff rose to the challenge and raised $2,700 to support the fire victims.

The Susanville Fire Department also hosted a “Fill the Boot” fund raiser and set a goal to collect $30,000 within a five-hour time frame. As the fire fighters stood outside of the Susanville Supermarket with boots in hand, cars stopped to donate while pedestrians also reached into their pockets to help.

Warden Suzanne Peery donated money raised by CCC, which will be added to the money collected by the “Fill the Boot” fundraiser and distributed to the victims by the Paradise Rotary Foundation. To date, $62,719 has been raised for the Paradise Rotary Foundation.

The kind thoughts, prayers, gestures and donations made by all is just one way for us to give back to the community who lost it all.

Ccc Camp Fire Donation 2018 2

CCC Warden Peery donates a check to the Fill the Boot cause benefiting victims of the Camp Fire.