Nr Cpat January 2019

Northern Region CPAT, from left to right, front row to back row: Parole Agent (PA) I Jaime Sazo, PA I Phil Shein, PA I Shant Sheklanian, PA I Jessica Tabayoyoung, PA III Martin Verducci, PA I Mekeisha Buyard, PA I Martin Armendares, PA II Eric Sakazaki, PA II Peter Dean, Parole Administrator Derrick Caraway, PA III Jill Pylman, PA I Mardi Sherman, PA I Stephen Velez, PA II Tom Casillas, PA II Jeffery Penzel, PA I Carlos Pina PA I, PA I Lionel Robinson, PA I Jason DeCanio, PA II Marcos Perez, PA I Aaron Mayo, PA I John Heilburn, PA I Kurt Diesslin, PA I Dennis Ruth, PA I Jeff Amador, PA II Al Lett, PA I Steven Smither, OT Aurora Muniz, OT Brian Deogracia, PA I Anthony Corral, PA I Macaria Orgazan, PA I Gerard Morita, PA I Justin Van Emmerik, PA III John Edelman and PA I Edward Garcia, (Not pictured PA I Frank Rue, PA I Tony Avila, and PA I Vince Meno.)

Northern Region CPAT Teams for the CDCR Division of Adult Parole Operations from Bakersfield, Fresno, Stockton, Alameda, Santa Clara, and Sacramento recently converged at the California Prison Industrial Authority facility in Sacramento for the first ever all-staff meeting and training.

This accomplishment is highlighted by the fact that for the first time since 2011 NR CPAT is fully staffed.

A review of the accomplishments for 2018 was conducted, positives highlighted (achieving full staffing, training completed, taskforce MOUs), and  personal achievements recognized (supervisory promotions, taskforce assignments).

Moving forward in 2019, the meeting’s focus was on reducing the parolee at large rate, consistency, communications, image, professionalism and relevancy.