Ctc Wifi Soms (5)

By Wesley Odd
Enterprise Information Services
Peace Officer Selection and Employee Development Programs

The Richard A. McGee Correctional Training Center recently implemented CDCR wifi-networked laptops to conduct the first Academy new 13-week Wifi-SOMS Training Expansion.

BCOA 1-19A is now in their sixth week of wifi-networked SOMS training. The second Academy intake BCOA 2-19A of (220) cadets occurred Dec. 31, 2018. The Correctional Officer Academy is now on networked HP laptops in two concurrent classes of up to 440 cadets. This was a monumental collaboration of many stakeholders from CDCR’s Enterprise Information Services and Galt Training Academy staff, to Hewlett Packard and  NWN Corp professionals.

Associate Director Stacy Lopez posed the need for SOMS training expansion to Academy Administrator Jason Lowe in February 2017. Lowe then approached their resident Enterprise Information Services (EIS) technology organization to research and provide proposed alternatives. After several meetings between a physical and a technical solution, it was determined there was no time for a physical buildout on the property to accommodate new classrooms and equipment procurement. Therefore, the only solution was a wifi expansion of the current facility which only used wifi in the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room) and the G-Modular facilities.

The Business Challenge: Increase the amount of Strategic Offender Management Systems (SOMS) training from 4-hour  hour to 12-hour blocks for 440 cadets in two concurrent academies through a 44-workstation training lab.

The Options: Identify alternativel land and build several more external classrooms and procure 44 new hard-wired workstations to replicate the current sole training classroom or implement a wifi solution. Academy Administrator Lowe immediately indicated the build out was not possible due to land constraints. Therefore, discussions amongst some 40 stakeholders commenced to find a workable solution to meet the goal of expanding the SOMS training.

The Solution: A CDCR wifi-network implementation

The CTC Information Technology (CTCIT) team (Jerry Lao, Nathan Vargas, Mori Yassini) under the direction of the project manager EIS ITS II Wesley Odd, developed a project plan and coordinated a proposed expansion of wifi-use at the RA McGee facility in a two-phase approach beginning in February 2017.

Since wifi was only available in the MPR and in the G-Mod, and those facilities were already committed to other Program uses the classrooms had to be outfitted with Wireless Access Points (WAPs). The plan was immediately put into motion in Phase I to add 27 new wifi access points. In the first phase, the CTCIT team coordinated the expansion of wifi at (27) new locations throughout the RA McGee facility.

That effort was completed by September of 2017. The second phase was to test theories how to incorporate the use of CDCR Wifi-connected laptops. The current stand-alone HP Streams (implemented prior year) were insufficient to use for the wifi-expansion. The CTCIT, along with Curriculum teams developed a proof of concept (POC) with current CDCR-standard HP650 G2 laptops.

The POC was conducted and completed in April 2018. EIS and Associate Director Lopez approved the POC and the POSED leadership authorized the purchase of 800 new wifi-laptops.

The second phase consisted of identifying and testing the wifi-networked connected laptops. Phase three consisted of the procurement and implementation of the wifi solution. The deadline of Nov. 6, 2018 was determined to be the first Academy to implement.

With the assistance and collaboration of the CTC IT, CTC Curriculum, EIS staff, and our vendor partners NWN and Hewlett Packard, the equipment was delivered on time for the configuration and implementation for the first 220 Cadets by the Nov. 6, 2018 deadline.

Cost of the laptop equipment: approximately $960,000.

Cost of Infrastructure: approximately $80,000-$90,000.

The teams consisted of:

  • CTC Leadership: Assoc. Director Stacy Lopez, Acad. Admin. Jason Lowe
  • CTCIT: EIS Wesley Odd, Jerry Lao, Nathan Vargas, Mori Yassini
  • CTC Curriculum: Capt. Joshua Mockley, Lt. Tina Brooks, Sgt. Kenny Chappelle, Sgt. Timothy Fleshman, Sgt. Christopher Arevalo, AGPA Lara Gomez
  • EIS Network Engineering: James Rawlins, Sergio Gomez, Darek Crawford
  • EIS: ISO-Ken Kojima, SOMS-Satnam Badwal, Erica Jacobsen
  • Vendors: HP-Greg Treleaven, NWN-Jeff Rosenthal, Daniel Podgruszewski,