By Peace Officer Selection and Employee Development

CDCR, as part of our commitment to the growth and development of our employees, has established an Upward Mobility Program (UMP). A UMP, as described in Government Codes 19401-19406, offers employees who meet the selection criteria an opportunity to prepare for advancement from specific entry level occupations to certain technical, professional and administrative positions.

The UMP staff recently completed Phase 1 of what will eventually be a department-wide roll out. Phase 1 consisted of the UMP team traveling to the Northern, Central and Southern regions of Peace Officer Selection and Employee Development to present the program to eligible staff and their supervisors.

The presentations provided staff and their supervisors the opportunity to learn about the UMP and ask questions to help them understand the purpose and goals of the program.

The UMP will provide career coaching, the opportunity for a mock interview, and also provide participants with tips and tools to assist in their career journey. These documents include tips on resume writing, statement of qualification assistance, and interviewing techniques.

The UMP staff and their management will be coordinating multiple institution and parole regional offices visits throughout the State from February 2019 through December 2019 to complete the department-wide rollout. E-mail invitations will be sent out to eligible staff and their supervisors as site visits are scheduled.

Additional information regarding the UMP can be found on CDCR’s intranet at http://intranet/ADM/DSS/POSED/otpd/UMP/Pages/default.aspx