By DAPO staff

On Jan. 30, GEO Reentry Services held their first graduation ceremony for participants at the Antelope Valley Day Reporting Center (DRC). Participants at the DRC have to complete three phases and complete aftercare services to graduate. The parolees who are enrolled must report to the DRC seven days a week at the beginning of their initial phase and then the days gradually decrease as they progress through the various phases.

The participants are drug tested weekly at the DRC throughout their stay, complete various groups such as Moral Recognition Therapy, Substance Abuse, Life Skills, Anger Management, Parenting and Employment Readiness. The DRC also offers a certified Domestic Violence class for those who need it.

At the ceremony, the graduates were given the opportunity to speak about their accomplishments and each touched on the important role their counselors at the DRC, their families, their parole agents, and each other played in helping them succeed at the program.

Each acknowledged the time commitment needed and various road blocks they had overcome to reach graduation. The graduates also mentioned their newfound desire to give back to their community and to return to the DRC as graduates to help other participants in any way that would be helpful in assisting them towards completing the program.