Childrens Hospital Donation Pics

Valley Children’s Hospital accepted a donation of 70 books.

By Lt. Mike Tuntakit, AA/PIO
Avenal State Prison

Avenal State Prison (ASP) Education Department’s “The Sunshine Club” rallied together and held a book drive in honor of Dr. Seuss Day.

The Sunshine Club is the education staff’s effort to help and support ill staff, celebrate each other’s birthdays, support each other with a death in the family, help purchase items needed for monthly staff meetings, and donate toward community service needs. ASP Education Staff donate monthly funds to support the club.

Between the ASP Teachers, Librarians, Administration, and all other Ed Staff, The Sunshine Club was able to collect 70 brand new Dr. Seuss books. These books were donated directly to Valley Children’s Hospital library. The Valley Children’s Librarian accepted all the books and was incredibly gracious to receive them from our ASP Education Staff.

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