Dapo Agents Fresno State University Crime Talk 2019

Crim Talk at CSU-Fresno featured Parole Agent I Fong Thor, Background Investigator Sgt C. Roth, Parole Agent III Eddie Tostado and Background Investigator Sgt. C. Yang

By DAPO staff

On Feb. 25, Agent Fong Thor and Unit Supervisor E. Tostado participated in a Criminology Talk at CSU-Fresno. Agent Thor is a Fresno State alum and was invited to talk about his experiences.

He spoke about his life after graduation and to becoming a parole agent. Agent Thor talked about how rewarding the job can be. Also, he explained his assignment as a GPS agent monitoring parolees who are sex offenders.

The agent was able to showcase a GPS device and explain how the equipment is used to track parolees on active parole.

What are CRIM Talks?

The Fresno State Alumni Association’s Criminology Chapter strives to provide knowledge and insight to students on various local topics relating to the criminology field, through presentations titled “CRIM Talks.” The first CRIM Talk took place in 2012 and since then has gained an average audience of over 150 people, comprised of students, law enforcement professionals and members of the public.

The association finds professionals and experts within the criminal justice field to provide further insight into topics that are not readily available to others, yet are happening around them and in their communities. They host an average of three CRIM Talks per year, with socials and mixers in between. During socials and mixers, students and professionals are given the opportunity to listen to a short presentation highlighting the next featured CRIM Talk, followed by a chance to network and socialize. Since having the first CRIM Talk, the chapter has established an endowment fund with over $10,000 to allocate toward scholarships for deserving students.

Dapo Agents Fresno State Crim Talk Group

CRIM Talk on Feb. 25 featured DAPO agents.