Bph Thank You Screen Shot

A screen shot from the video shows Lavell Jackson and his wife Renee thanking BPH Executive Officer Jennifer Shaffer.

Video by Jeff Baur, TV Director
Office of Public and Employee Communications

Meet Lavell Jackson, a newlywed who spent part of his honeymoon visiting the Board of Parole Hearings (BPH) to thank Executive Officer Jennifer Shaffer and her team for their role in his freedom.

In November 2017, BPH approved Lavell Jackson’s parole under Proposition 57. Jackson, who was serving a sentence for petty theft with priors, was eligible for parole review under the Non-Violent Parole Process (NVPP). Eligible inmates who have served the full-term of their primary offense undergo a thorough public safety screening before being referred to BPH. They are reviewed for release based on their criminal history, institutional records, and input from the inmate, victims, and the prosecuting District Attorney’s Office.

Jackson paroled in January 2018 and has been taking each day at a time since then, building a new life with his wife, Renee. They say he is a changed man. The couple, who wed in February 2019, took the time to visit BPH recently to express their gratitude for the opportunity.

Without Proposition 57, Lavell would not have been eligible for release for seven more years.

Learn more about Proposition 57 and NVPP at https://www.cdcr.ca.gov/proposition57/.

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Lavell Jackson

I never really had a chance, but they opened up their door and gave me that chance and seeing something, and opened up the door for me to get out here and be able to stand in front of you today.

Jennifer Shaffer

We received a call earlier today that they were in town, and they were on their honeymoon, and that because the Board of Parole Hearings was responsible for the fact that they could get married outside of prison, they wanted to stop by and thank us.

How are you sir? Congratulations.

Lavell Jackson

And I came back to thank these people. Everybody in here that assisted on me getting out.

Jennifer Shaffer

You know, it validates a lot of the work that we do.

It helps us stay grounded that the decisions that we make affect real people’s lives, and that we can make a very positive difference.

Lavell Jackson

I am so grateful. I am so grateful.

I take my life one day at a time, and I just, I know within my heart, that I’m here to stay.

What I used to do, I don’t want to do no more.