La Parole District 2019 Group

Staff and retirees at the Los Angeles Central Parole District staff appreciation day.

By Douglas Broome, Parole Administrator
Photos by Jennifer Barnes, Parole Agent II Supervisor

La Parole District 2019 Vincent Thompson

Vincent Thompson received recognition from the Assembly.

On Feb. 27, the Los Angeles Central Parole District held its annual Staff Appreciation Day for 2019. This event has proven to be one of great anticipation because it reunites both current and former LA Central Staff; brings current and retired CDCR/DAPO Agents/Supervisors/Managers together; and serves as a forum to discuss and implement the district’s annual objectives and goals.

For this year’s event, Vincent Thompson, Parole Administrator for the Los Angeles Central Parole District, assembled a panel of speakers and presenters which consisted of Los Angeles City Deputy Mayor Brenda Shockley; Inglewood City Manager Artie Fields; State Assemblyman Mike Gipson’s Assistant Michelle Chambers; Southern Region Headquarters Chief Deputy Regional Parole Administrators, and representatives from several community based organizations such as Contra Costa County Office of Education, Sunset Day Reporting Center, Friends Outside, and Inglewood One Stop.

Shockley served as the event’s keynote speaker. The Deputy Mayor has been a longtime supporter and advocate of the district’s efforts in assisting the ex-offender population. This partnership/relationship with the Los City Mayor’s Office has and continues to be invaluable.

On this day over 100 certificates of achievements, acknowledgement, and commendations were awarded by City and State elected officials; community based organizers, and Parole Administrator Thompson to express their appreciation to the LA Central Agents/Supervisors/Staff for their hard work, dedication, and willingness to assist the formerly incarcerated in their transition back to the community.

La Parole District 2019 Group 2