By Lt. Edward Sanchez, AA/PIO
California State Prison, Corcoran

CSP-Corcoran Facility 3B Gymnasium Officer Noberto Gonzalez began hanging military service flags as a way to show his support for staff who served in the United States military. Since 2017, this idea has grown, turning the gym into one of the most respected areas of the institution.

When Officer Gonzalez began changing the look of the gym by hanging the flags, artistically inclined inmates also began discussions about painting murals on the drab cement walls of the gym. Once the Idea of a veterans memorial theme was adopted, Inmates began sketching their ideas on paper.

Recognizing their artistic talent, Officer Gonzalez gave the project a green light so they could begin painting.

The details of the murals are derived from firsthand knowledge of Officer Gonzalez, who served in the US Marines, and other veteran military staff members. The Inmates took this idea to another level and with this task came numerous hours interacting with prior Vietnam veteran staff members and staff who were assigned to the USS Nimitz.

They knew the details each mural should have in it and every mural was painted with pride knowing every staff member and visitor who walks into the 3B Gym would admire them for years to come.

Each mural has its own unique story from the 911 memorial to the Korean wall memorial. Officer Gonzalez also incorporated many paintings of unit patches and symbols representing specific units and fallen members of the military.

Every branch of the military is observed including the Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard. Officer Gonzalez has since transferred to another institution but the mystique he brought to 3B Gym will remain as long as the walls stand.