By DAPO staff

Participating in the popular community event, the Division of Adult Parole Operations rolled into Long Beach’s Touch A Truck where more than 100 vehicles were displayed for a crowd of 10,000. It’s one of the many ways CDCR employees engage with the communities in which they serve.

Event hosts Justin Rudd and Third District Councilwoman Suzie Price hosted the fifth annual gathering, one of the largest events held in Long Beach.

There were hundreds of families with young children who gathered around to take pictures with DAPO Parole Agents and to sit behind the wheel of DAPO’s transport vehicles.

Parole Agents handed out CDCR coloring books, pencils, pencil holders, lanyards and whistles. The day was filled with smiles and high-fives as parole agents engaged in meaningful conversation about community supervision and why the agents do not wear their capes on the outside of their uniform.

“Councilwoman Price and I are delighted to have your participation again this year. We had another great turnout,” said Rudd, event sponsor and host.