Cmf General Miller (4)

Gen. Maryanne MIller, center, listens to participants in the MAP program at CMF.

By Lt. Megan Cherinka, AA/PIO
California Medical Facility

The California Medical Facility (CMF) received a visit from the US Air Force (USAF), Air Mobility Commander (AMC), General Maryanne Miller – only the fourth female four-star general in the history of USAF.

Gen. Miller along with other dignitaries from AMC, the 18th Air Force Command, and Travis AFB have visited CMF over the past few months to observe the Inmate Activity Group (IAG) Military Assistance Program (MAP).

MAP a diversion program developed to inform military participants of the consequences of crime. MAP uses inmate facilitators who express how immoral behavior led to their incarceration in an attempt to deter others from making the same mistakes. Many of the inmate facilitators are military veterans or have connections to the military.

Gen. Miller intently listened to the inmate speakers as they described their background, family demographic, military experience and even a love for dogs. She also spoke to MAP members and staff in attendance.

A gracious, welcoming, influential speech from General Miller brought the room to tears as she described the “past” versus the “future” and the power of how choices affect how we choose to live. Gen. Miller described a typical weekend in Washington D.C visiting the homeless community and providing assistance with the Missionaries of Charity Convent to those in need. Inmate participants in the group said the visit was very humbling to have a high ranking member of the USAF acknowledging their work. MAP provides inmates with the opportunity to give back and serve our armed forces.

Cmf General Miller (1)