By Lt. Mike Tuntakit AA/PIO
Avenal State Prison

Avenal prison (ASP) staff have been supporting many fundraisers, but this may be one of the institution’s favorites. ASP was challenged by Warden Rosemary Ndoh and put together a team to raise money for the Polar Plunge event. The team dove right into this challenge and reached out to Sabaschan, one of the Special Olympic Athletes. Sabaschan came to visit ASP and gave a presentation regarding this event. Staff fell in love with him immediately.

All ASP staff including custody, medical, non-custody from every department banned together and blew the donations out of the water. On the day of the event, all the donations were tallied and ASP was honored to be awarded the Top Law Enforcement Team, raising over $4,500. ASP also had the most participants at the Polar Plunge event at Fresno’s Millerton Lake. Other area institutions taking the plunge that day included Valley State Prison and Central California Women’s Facility.

See the video of the Polar Plunge at Lake Tahoe.