Natl Co And Employees Week

CDCR joins correctional staff across the country to honor and recognize those who work in the field.

Diaz, Ralph

CDCR Secretary Ralph Diaz

“Every year, in the first week of May, we and our colleagues nationwide honor the work, lives and sacrifice of correctional officers and employees. The work we do is demanding and sometimes hazardous, but is also vital. When we effectively supervise offenders, we are keeping society safe today; when we effective rehabilitate offenders, we are keeping society safe tomorrow,” Secretary Ralph Diaz wrote in a memo to all CDCR and CCHCS staff.

President Ronald Reagan started National Correctional Officers Week in 1984 with a proclamation stating correctional work is “difficult and often dangerous” and that officers “deserve our utmost respect.” The week has been celebrated every May and was expanded to include non-officer staff. In 2019, National Correctional Officers and Employees Week is celebrated through May 11.

“Here in California, our Department has a long and proud tradition, dating back to the Gold Rush with the building of San Quentin State Prison,” Secretary Diaz wrote. “Today, we are a leader in correctional policy and practice, and this is thanks in great part to the work, professionalism and courage of our staff. I commend and honor all of you who have served and will serve this year. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our Department and the State of California.”