Compiled by OPEC staff

Across the state, CDCR staff took their children to work. Whether custody staff or support personnel, the children learned about their parents’ jobs. It’s estimated that over 3.5 million employers participated in the annual day, meant to introduce girls and boys across the county to the workplace and empower them to dream without gender limitations and think imaginatively about their family, work and community lives.

Avenal State Prison

By Avenal State Prison (ASP) staff

ASP staff introduced their children to their jobs, providing them opportunities to sit in fire engines, CDCR vehicles and watch a K-9 demonstration.

California Medical Facility & CSP-Solano

By Lt. Megan Cherinka, AA/PIO
California Medical Facility

The California Medical Facility (CMF) and CSP-Solano (SOL) partnered for the 26th annual National Bring Your Daughter and Sons to Work Day.  The event began at CMF within the In Service Training (IST) classroom where the kids and parents were treated to Black Bear Diner chocolate chip pancakes, strawberry french toast, doughnuts, fresh fruit, juice and coffee provided by Starbucks.  Warden (A) Jared D. Lozano answered questions from the audience. Some kid-posed questions included “Who is the oldest employee? Are there bad guys in the prison?” and, “What is your favorite video game and YouTuber?”

After breakfast and a few answered questions, everyone reported to Keating Park in Vacaville where they were immersed into the daily activities of some of CMF’s and Solano’s Investigative Services Unit (ISU), Crisis Response Team (CRT), K-9 demonstration, CMF-SOL Fire Department, Medical and Nursing and a live DJ.  This year’s group was able to challenge themselves to Travis Air Force Base’s Safety Trailer which helped the youth understand how to escape safely from a potential fire. The CMF-SOL Fire Department also demonstrated how fast fire can consume a two-story building with a live action fire.

The day ended with pizza for everyone and prizes for the top boy and girl from the CRT Obstacle Course. Organizers said they are already looking forward to 2020.

CDCR Headquarters

Over 100 kids came to CDCR Headquarters today to learn more about what their parents do at work. Children participated in a variety of planned activities throughout the day, including a CDCR transportation bus tour, a tactical gear showcase, a tour of the media studio, a parole agent showcase and a K-9 dog presentation. They also met Secretary Diaz.

Centinela State Prison

Story by Lt. Michael Ramirez, AA/PIO
Photos by Rafael Panela, Office Technician, and Lt. Ramirez

On April 26, Centinela State Prison (CEN) participated in Take Your Child to Work Day. The event was organized and funded by the CEN Employee Activities Committee and participating employees. There were 63 child participants ranging in age from 7 to 18 years old.

The participants received an official name tag and were divided into groups for CDCR training and work area tours. The work area tours included: the Administration Building, Institutional Range, Warehouse, Mail Room and Firehouse. The kids participated in a firearms safety class, alarm response training, fire house obstacle course, and MILO training. Other classes included Vector Control and Medical.

Warden Raymond Madden randomly selected Miss Valeria Vazquez, a child participant, to fill the role of Honorary Warden for the Day. The Warden memorialized the honorary appointment on an official memorandum that was promulgated to Centinela’s staff.

Quote from the memorandum signed by Honorary Warden Vazquez: “Today I accepted the appointment of Centinela State Prison’s ‘Honorary Warden for the Day’. I understand that with great power comes great responsibility, therefore as my first act as Honorary Warden I am giving Claudia Vazquez a raise. Congratulations Mom on your new raise! Now you can afford to raise my allowance!!! And get something for yourself too.”

The participants received a pizza lunch and snow cones. Each child received a participation certificate and congratulatory handshake from Warden Madden.

The institution was originally referred to as California State Prison-Imperial South but was renamed Centinela State Prison by the Imperial County Board of Supervisors. Centinela received its first inmate on October 1, 1993.


By Lt. Tony Quinn, AA/PIO

California State Prison, Sacramento, (SAC) employees brought their children to work for a day of fun and learning.

Twenty-six “junior employees” accompanied by their parent/guardian attended the annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day event hosted by Warden (A) Jeff Lynch, Chief Deputy Warden (A) Gena Jones, and the staff at SAC. The day started with each junior employee being greeted by Executive Assistant (EA) Amanda Brown, 16-year-old junior EA Jordyn Lee and personnel staff, who issued each junior employee their very own CSP-SAC identification card.

Warden Lynch accompanied by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Michael Felder and Community Resource Manager (CRM) Therese Giannelli opened the show by welcoming all of the junior employees to CSP-SAC. Warden Lynch and CEO Felder spoke of their roles in the institution and answered questions as the mini guests fueled themselves with a continental breakfast provided by the CSP-SAC staff.

Investigative Services Unit (ISU) Sgt. E. Caron conducted a presentation on the seriousness of cyber-bullying and provided social media monitoring/internet safety tips for the parents. The FSP Inmate Fire Crew and Fire Engine provided by Correctional Fire Captains D. Juanitas and E. Hull was on the scene to provide fire safety tips and demonstrations for those interested in a career in fire suppression. The FSP fire crew knew exactly how to win over the crowd. Captains Juanitas and Hull provided the opportunity for the pint sized firefighters to pull the lever and let the water flow from one of the high pressure hoses.

CSP-SAC ISU K9 Officers recruited a lucky group of pint size investigators to assist them in hiding cellphones and other “contraband” so the four legged Officers could show off their ability to locate cellphones and narcotics. Friendly K9 Officers, Bear and Jackson, along with ISU Officers P. Bettencourt and C. Drake were a big hit with the kids.

The Crisis Response Team (CRT), led this year by CRT Team Member Officer J. Teragawa, executed a demonstration that wowed the kids and parent/guardians alike. The kids were amazed as they watched a real-life Spider Man in action as Officer Teragawa repelled down to the crowd waiting below.

The guests were all smiles as they had their photos taken with the team members, while donning the CRT gear. The four-hour event concluded with a shuttle bus tour, driven by Visiting Officer Y. Klein around the outer perimeter of CSP-SAC and FSP, with CRM Giannelli acting as docent. Each child was presented with a gift bag and certificate of participation before heading off to lunch and eventually getting to work.

Lillian H., a three-year veteran of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, said,  “I have participated in bring your child to work day the past three years and I have always learned something new every year. When I think of my future and career, my first thought is becoming a part of the CDCR family.”

California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

By SATF staff

California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility (SATF) and State Prison at Corcoran provided a unique experience for staff by allowing them to bring their child to work.

The children had the opportunity to tour an outer perimeter Tower, Support Warehouse and the Corcoran State Prison Range where the Crisis Response Team (CRT) conducted a demonstration. Each child was also able to have their photo taken in Personnel and were given a SATF Kid’s Day 2019 Identification Card.

There were other various activities from the Investigative Services Unit (ISU), Prison Adult Industries (PIA) dairy calves, California State Prison (CSP) Corcoran Fire Department, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) helicopter, silly string alarm response, bounce houses’, CRT obstacle course, cotton candy, popcorn, State Wide Transportation Central Hub Bus and a photo booth keeping them entertained for the day.

The California Correctional Peace Officers (CCPOA) staff served hot dogs and snacks for lunch to include ice cream donated by Rosa’s Dairy in Hanford and Italian ice cream provided by Rita’s of Visalia.

At the end of the day, all the children were pleased with the event, including the parents.

“Without all the hard work and dedication of the SATF Employees none of this could have been possible. It was great to see approximately 150 kids in attendance and enjoying the activities’ that were provided. I would like to take this opportunity to thank CCPOA, CHP, CSP-Corcoran Fire Department, PIA, SATF Honor Guard, SATF Shared Governance, Central Division State Wide Transportation, Rosa’s Dairy, Rita’s of Visalia, Plant Operation’s, Personnel, ISU, CRT, SEIU, the Employees Activity Committee and each staff member that participated, such a great event,” said Chief Deputy Warden T.  Cisneros.

Contract Bed Units

CDCR’s Contract Beds Unit (CBU) took part in Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day. Thirty children attended the event and got to check out a CDCR transportation bus, a K9 demo and tactical gear. Our friends at CHP even brought by a cruiser and motor bike for the children to enjoy. CBU Sgt. Boyack let kids try out an inert MK9.

RJ Donovan Correctional Facility

By Lt. Jennifer Davies, AA/PIO
RJD Correctional Facility

Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility (RJDCF) hosted its 26th annual Bring Your Child to Work Day. More than 70 staff members and 130 children attended this year’s event held at the institutional range. Attendees were welcomed by the Warden (A) Patrick Covello and Chief Executive Officer Mary Ann Glynn.

It was a sunny day in San Diego; allowing the children to enjoy exciting demonstrations and presentations by the RJD K-9 unit, CRT and POOCH service dog program. The fun-filled event included a DJ playing Top 40 music, an obstacle course, bounce house, face painting, and interactive work stations set-up by medical/nursing staff, the firehouse, ISU, and community partners CHP and USE Credit Union.

Kids were able to gear up, wear camouflage, swing a battering ram, peer through a scope, climb into a fire truck, and learn about their parents’ vital roles in corrections. Chief Deputy Warden (A) Joe Stewart joined in the fun dressing up as “Red Man,” while kids lined up to subdue him with foam batons and water spray.

Following the program at the range, attendees were treated to lunch provided by Donovan’s Cafe, which included hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and drinks. Children then got the opportunity to visit their parents’ work stations in the outer administration buildings. RJDCF’s Employee Association raised money to provide ice cream, goody bags, and certificates for children to take home. It was a memorable day for everyone who attended.

Salinas Valley State Prison

By Lt. Edward Brown, AA/PIO
Salinas Valley State Prison

Salinas Valley State Prison held its annual Take our Daughters and Sons To Work Day. It began by staff greeting the kids with a gift bag, participation certificate and identification lanyard. SVSP Warden Tammy Foss greeted the kids, welcoming them to the institution. The kids spent the first part of the morning with their parents at their work site to understand firsthand how important their role is to the CDCR mission. The kids attended activities at the SVSP Range where they were able to participate in rappelling, simulate extinguishing a fire, observe demonstrations by the ISU K9 Unit and have their faces painted. Cal-Star Air Response services flew in and afforded the kids the opportunity to sit inside the helicopter cockpit. Employees and supporting community staff provided a barbecue lunch for all the participants.

The SVSP Administration thanked the CCSO, CCPOA, SEIU and Corrections Federal Credit Union for their continued support of this event. SVSP also thanked the staff at Cal-Fire, Gabilan Conservation Camp Captain Nick Milton and Lt. Mike Nilsson, CTF Fire and the Cal-Star medical response services. CRT staff came from both SVSP and CTF. Others heavily involved included SVSP employees and public volunteers who assisted in making this day happen.

Ventura youth Correctional Facility

By DJJ staff

Ventura Youth Correctional Facility staff hosted Bring Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day on April 25. Youth Correctional Counselor David Wilson hosted “Dave’s One Man Show,” and children enjoyed a variety of games and activities. Kids also visited staff with Case Services, Business Services, the Mailroom, Personnel, met with the Gang Coordinator Kasha Clemons, Superintendent Kenneth Fewer and Chief of Security Noel Chestnut, who introduced participants to K-9 Officer “Drax,” and handler, Officer John Egelston.