Lac Lieutenant Of The Year

From left are Capt. J. Villa, Officers J. Acquilano, M. McDaniel, D. Pixley, M.Maldonado, Associate Warden T. Lewandowski, Lt. R. Ochoa, Officers C. Codey, C. Kehres, D. Carrizosa, and Sgt. D. Jemison.

By CSP-Los Angeles County staff

Two California State Prison-Los Angeles County (CSP-LAC) staff members were recently recognized for their work protecting the community.

Every year Parris Law Firm and the Lancaster Baptist Church honors the members of local law enforcement agencies of the Antelope Valley community. Officer James Aparicio is the recipient of the “Officer of the Year” award from the Parris Law Firm. On Friday, May 3, Associate Warden (AW) Theresa Lewandowski introduced Officer Aparicio and presented him with the award at the annual Law Appreciation Day.

On May 5, the Lancaster Baptist Church honored all First Responders at their special annual event. The church honors an officer from each agency (California Highway Patrol, Los Angeles County Sheriff Department, and CDCR) for their commitment to serving the public and dedication to public safety.

AW Theresa Lewandowski spoke about Lt. Richard Ochoa then presented him with the “Officer of the Year” award. This was followed by Lt. Ochoa addressing the crowd of 300 people who were present for the First Responders Day, giving gratitude and appreciation to all who were present and to Warden R.C. Johnson for his support.

Lac Officer Of The Year 1

Officer Aparcio, center, received the award from Associate Warden Theresa Lewandowski, left.