By Lt. Tony Quinn, AA/PIO

On May 3, CSP-Sacramento (SAC) Warden (A) Jeff Lynch accompanied by Deputy Director of Human Resources Katherine Minnich, DAI High Security Mission Associate Director (A) David Baughman, Chief Executive Officer Michael Felder and Chief Deputy Warden (A) Gena Jones hosted the grand opening of the new SAC fitness room.

Staff representing every area of the institution attended the quiet event, which boasted a healthy theme. Snacks such as protein bars, fresh fruit, Gatorade and water were provided for all to enjoy. Vegetable Seeds donated by Office Technician Virginia Rich were also provided to promote a healthy plant based diet. Of course, those with a sweet tooth were not forgotten, as fresh baked chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal and mint chocolate chip cookies and soda were available as well.

Warden Lynch gave the key note address, expressing thanks on behalf of all of the staff at CSP-SAC to Deputy Director Minnich and her staff, for all of their efforts in making the gym a reality. CSP-SAC Plant Operations were saluted for transforming the once In-Service Training area into the state of the art gym that exists today.

With all of the accolades, acknowledgements and snacks, one very important piece of business still remained unfinished. What was the name of the new facility? In an effort to give all an opportunity to be a part of this process, CSP-SAC employees were offered the opportunity to submit their suggestions, for names of the new facility. Out of approximately 100 submissions, the nomination submitted ironically by Correctional Business Manager Sarah Shepherd, Medical Office Technician Denise Davalos and a few others in various ways; SAC GYM was the name selected.

The ceremonial ribbon was cut by CEO Felder and Warden Lynch, officially opening the SAC gym. The onlookers eagerly entered the gym to try out the new equipment, with special interest in the full body massage chair. In the end, a good time was had by all and another significant day was noted in the SAC history books.