Dapo Women Empowerment First Mtg 2019 2

More than 20 female parolees attended the first Women’s Empowerment meeting at San Bernardino Parole District.

By DAPO staff

The Division of Adult Parole Operations San Bernardino Parole District along with the Southern Region Adult Programs Unit held their first Women Empowerment  meeting.

The meeting was open to all female parolees. Organizers and attendees described it as very successful. While the 22 females in attendance enjoyed a hot-served meal by PrepLife, they attentively listened to four keynote speakers who discussed their challenges and shared their success stories with the group.

After the presenters spoke, the women were given bags filled with hygiene, make-up, snacks, and other supplies. They also had professional clothing and shoes available to them, all donated by local service providers.

The meeting ended with several raffles, three designer bags, a vacuum, and a basket full of Italian goods. The empowerment meeting set the foundation to determine the need of each individual and help them address their needs by providing peer support, resources, etc., at future empowerment meetings. The meetings will continue monthly  at the San Bernardino Office and throughout the Southern Region. The first meeting was March 28, 2019.

Dapo Women Empowerment First Mtg 2019 4

Organizers and speakers were all smiles after the event.