Story, video by Ike Dodson and Allie Powell, CDCR PIOs
Office of Public and Employee Communications
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It is estimated that over 3.5 million employers participated in the annual Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day on April 25, including CDCR. The celebration is intended to introduce girls and boys across the county to the workplace and empower them to dream without gender limitations and think imaginatively about their family, work, and community lives.

At CDCR institutions across the state, children participated in a variety of activities throughout the day.

At headquarters in Sacramento, over 100 children enjoyed a transportation bus tour, a tactical gear showcase, a tour of the media studio with television specialists, a parole agent showcase and a K-9 team presentation. They got to meet CDCR Secretary Ralph Diaz during a visit with executive staff.

Participants also escaped the exciting Employee Health and Wellness “Challenge Room,” learned “How to Get a State Job,” and met with the Office of Policy Standardization.

The event was successful thanks to the Division of Adult Institutions, Office of Human Resources and staff that volunteered to make the day memorable.

Other Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day activities of note:

  • Over 130 kids enjoyed an event at the Richard A McGee Correctional Training Center. Academy Administrator Jason Lowe met and welcomed parents and kids. The children divided into groups and participated in activities arranged by Associate Governmental Program Analyst Jennifer Kotko. Children enjoyed breakfast in the cafeteria, had their photos taken for their own “State IDs”, received a custom T-shirt, competed in an obstacle course for prizes, learned baton techniques and participated in a mock news cast. They also learned about bullying and safety with interactive videos. In the afternoon, CDCR staff welcomed the Galt Police Department, The Cosumnes Fire Department, CHP (helicopter), CDCR’s Transportation unit and CDCR K-9 teams. Children also enjoyed pizza, snow cones, cotton candy, balloon animals, face painting and carnival games with prizes.
  • CDCR’s Contract Beds Unit hosted 30 children at a special event that included a transportation bus, a K-9 demo and tactical gear. Partners with the California Highway Patrol even brought vehicles for the children to enjoy.
  • Avenal State Prison hosted over 150 participants for a fun-filled day that included comments from Warden Rosemary Ndoh, a K-9 officer, interactions with every unit within the prison, and interaction with local law enforcement partners, Kings County Victim Awareness and The Lisa Project ― to bring awareness to child and spousal abuse. Raffles were held for gifts.
  • Twenty-six “junior employees” enjoyed an event at California State Prison, Sacramento hosted by Warden (A) Jeff Lynch, Chief Deputy Warden (A) Gena Jones, and partnering staff. Children joined a presentation about the seriousness of Cyber bullying, toured fire engines with Correctional Fire Captains, assisted CDCR K-9 teams and aided Crisis Response Team members. The four-hour event concluded with a shuttle bus tour and gifts.
  • Centinela State Prison hosted an event funded by the Employee Activities Committee and participating employees. Sixty-three children joined the activities, divided into groups for CDCR training and work-area tours. Kids participated in a firearms safety class, alarm response training and fire house obstacle course. Other classes included Vector Control and Medical. Warden Raymond Madden randomly selected Valeria Vazquez, a child participant, to fill the role of “Honorary Warden for the Day”. The Warden memorialized the honorary appointment on an official memorandum that was promulgated to Centinela’s staff. Participants also received a pizza lunch and snow cones.
  • Ventura Youth Correctional Facility staff hosted a special event as well. Youth Correctional Counselor David Wilson hosted “Dave’s One Man Show,” and children enjoyed a variety of games and activities. Kids also visited staff with Case Services, Business Services, the Mailroom, Personnel, met with the Gang Coordinator Kasha Clemons, Superintendent Kenneth Fewer and Chief of Security Noel Chestnut, who introduced participants to K-9 Officer “Drax,” and handler, Officer John Egelston.
  • An event at California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison at Corcoran was also a success. Each child had their photo taken in the personnel office and was given a Kid’s Day ID card. The kids took part in exciting activities, including visits with California Prison Industry Authority dairy calves, the Investigative Services Unit, CSP-Corcoran Fire Dept., a CHP helicopter, a bounce house, a CRT obstacle course, and a CDCR Transportation bus.

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Allie Powell

How heavy is that? Is it really heavy?


It’s really heavy. I’m actually about to fall (laughing).

Allie Powell

What do you think CDCR stands for?







City… District… Uh, I don’t know.


Allie Powell

Cake… Cake is delicious.



I don’t know.

I’m not really for sure.

R… Republic?

For freedom?

Allie Powell

(Laughing). Those are really good guesses


I do not know.

I don’t know.



Allie Powell



(Whispering) California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

California Department of Corrections… something.

Allie Powell

I think you had a little help there.


No… I knew it. I was thinking that.

Allie Powell

Do you guys know what “Rehabilitation” means?


Not at all. Not one bit.

Allie Powell

No? Well maybe your daddy can teach you it later, if you ask him.

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