Story by Lt. Angelo Gonzalez, AA/PIO and Sgt. K. McTaggart
Photos by Sgt. McTaggart
Mule Creek State Prison

Mule Creek State Prison (MCSP) celebrated Mother’s Day by surprising the inmate population with roses to give to their mothers during visiting. The event was made possible with a generous donation of 200 roses from Statewide Inmate Family Council (IFC) and MCSP IFC member Christina Mendoza.

Mendoza said the roses can promote positive behavior among the inmate population by allowing inmates the opportunity to share a special moment with their mothers.

Visiting staff assisted with the event by separating the roses among each visiting room and adjoining areas. Inmates were given a rose prior to entering the visiting room so they could greet their mother with a rose.

Many of the inmates expressed their appreciation for having the opportunity to present their mother with a rose as a token of love. Additionally, many of the mothers showed their gratitude for the gesture as they felt the love from their child and were able to leave with a gift from them. Visiting supervisors toured the visiting rooms and took photos of some of the inmates, their mothers, and of course the roses.

Many expressed thanks to IFC member Christina Mendoza for providing the roses and to MCSP Visiting staff for their support. The smiles and appreciation from the visitors, inmates and staff made this Mother’s Day something memorable for all.