By Don Chaddock, Inside CDCR editor
Office of Public and Employee Communications

When Mule Creek State Prison Correctional Officer Perlita Cartago read Agent Karen Mory’s story in Inside CDCR, she reached out to see if the agent could possibly help her with a task outside of work – to educate and inspire young Girl Scouts. Sgt. Leticia Espinoza, from Chuckawalla Valley State Prison’s Investigative Services Unit, joined forces with Mory to give the scouts a well-rounded presentation on law enforcement.

“I wanted to share with you our visit with SSA Karen Mory and Sgt. Leticia Espinoza. Thanks to you guys sending my info to Agent Mory, we were able to get together and schedule her to meet my girl scouts. Agent Mory and Sgt. Espinoza shared information about their jobs and what they do for the community,” she said. “Our girls got to meet two awesome women. … The girls learned the behind the scenes of jails or prisons, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Investigative Service Units, ATF, FBI and many more law enforcement departments. The girls had a lot of questions and a lot of stories but all in all we think the girls were really fascinated with what they learned.”

The CDCR employees also focused on steps the girls could take to stay safe.

“They also taught them how to defend themselves in case of danger. They even learned that girls can do anything if they put their heart and soul into it. Thank you Agent Mory and Sgt Espinoza for your hard work and wonderful presentation. Also thank you to Troop 357 and Troop 3108 for joining us. Also if there are older scouts who would love to meet these awesome officers, please let me know and we can arrange an event,” she said.

Sgt. Espinoza and San Diego-area based Agent Mory happened to be in Sacramento for training so were able to volunteer their spare time to speak with the scouts at their meeting in Roseville on April 5.

“I invited Agent Mory after I saw her incredible story on Inside CDCR News. I wrote a comment to her about how I think she is amazing and that I would love her to meet my girl scouts. Thanks to you guys, Agent Mory got in touch with me and we scheduled everything out,” Officer Cartago said.