Svsp Graduation 2019 (5)

By Lt. Edward Brown, AA/PIO
Salinas Valley State Prison

Salinas Valley State Prison held a graduation ceremony for one of its many re-entry programs on Facility D. The class completed the Substance Abuse portion of the re-entry program. Sixteen graduates were able to celebrate with a ceremony to include speeches from correctional staff, facilitators, graduates and a pizza party.

The In-Prison Cognitive Behavioral Treatment program at Salinas Valley State Prison was implemented in December 2016 in partnership with GEO Reentry Services. The program offers a wide array of classes including Substance Use Disorder Treatment, Anger Management, Criminal Thinking, Family Relations, Denial Management and Victim Impact classes. When participants complete a class, graduation ceremonies are held to recognize their hard work.

Graduations include encouraging speeches from staff and participants as well as pizza. These graduations are designed to be uplifting events filled with messages of encouragement and hope for a better life through recovery and transition to a positive lifestyle.

“It’s not about getting home, but staying home,” said one of the graduates.

Svsp Graduation 2019 (4)