By Lt. Edward Brown, AA/PIO
Salinas Valley State Prison

Salinas Valley State Prison recently held a graduation for one of its many re-entry programs on Facility D. The class completed the Substance Abuse portion of the re-entry program. Sixteen graduates were able to celebrate with a ceremony to include speeches from correctional staff, facilitators, graduates and a pizza party.

The In-Prison Cognitive Behavioral Treatment program at Salinas Valley State Prison was implemented in December 2016 in partnership with GEO Reentry Services. The program offers a wide array of classes including Substance Use Disorder Treatment, Anger Management, Criminal Thinking, Family Relations, Denial Management and Victim Impact classes. When participants complete a class, graduation ceremonies are held to recognize their hard work.

Graduations include encouraging speeches from staff and participants as well as a pizza party. These graduations are designed to be uplifting events filled with messages of encouragement and hope for a better life through recovery and transition to a positive lifestyle.

“It’s not about getting home, but staying home,” said one of the graduates.