Woman smiles in graduation cap and gown.

Jennifer Snell, an Avenal State Prison employee, graduated with honors from CSU-Fresno.

By Lt. Mike Tuntakit, AA/PIO
Avenal State Prison

Jennifer Snell, CCHCS Health Program Specialist I for Mental Health at Avenal State Prison, has graduated summa cum laude (4.0 GPA) with a Masters of Science in Criminology from California State University, Fresno. Being a mother, a wife and a correctional employee, she still made time to continue her education.

According to Criminology Department Chair Professor Emma Hughes, Ph.D., “Jennifer was designated the 2018-2019 ‘Graduate Student Ambassador’ for the Criminology Department. This award program is administered by the Division of Graduate Studies. The student selected for this award from each department is one who contributes to their department in meaningful ways, and who represents what the graduate program is all about. Jennifer has certainly played such a role. She has undertaken significant primary research in an important area with valuable application to criminal justice policy, and she has graciously served as a source of information and guidance for undergraduates in our major who are seeking to pursue careers in criminal justice and forensic behavioral sciences. She has also brought excellent insight and professional experience to her graduate classes in ways that enhance the learning experiences for everyone involved. She has truly served as an ambassador for our Master’s program and department.”

Her research explored recidivism risk for sexually violent predators with a diagnosis of paraphilic disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder. The faculty advisers for the project were Allen Azizian, Ph.D.;  Peter English, Ph.D.; and Yoshiko Takahashi, Ph.D.