Cci Staff Aid 2019

CCI Officer David Watson and RN E. Christensen.

By Lt. E. Garcia, AA/PIO
California Correctional Institution

On May 6, the California Correctional Institution (CCI), Correctional Officer David Watson Jr., while working the Front Entrance Gate, had a vehicle drive up to the Gate House. Officer D. Watson approached the vehicle to identify the individual. The occupant of the vehicle was identified as a Tehachapi resident who was lost and disoriented.

Officer Watson noticed that the driver was sweaty and pale. Officer Watson assisted the driver in putting the vehicle in park and calling a medical emergency at the Front Gate. Medical staff arrived along side additional custody staff.  Registered Nurse (RN) E. Christensen assessed the driver and determined that the driver was having a diabetic medical issue. An ambulance was called.

Emergency Medical Technicians arrived and offered assistance to the driver who refused to go in an ambulance. RN Christensen treated the driver who was able to regain his composure and appeared stable. The driver thanked the staff here at CCI and was able to leave on his own without incident.