Parole agents smile on football field.

Parole Agents McCowan, Borge, Cooley, Hollar, Burrell, Libonati, Murphy, Delgado, Hilton and Gilbert.

By DAPO staff

Parole agent crouches in front of running child.

Parole Agent Murphy works with one of the child participants.

The Invictus Youth Foundation, along with West Sacramento Police Department and DAPO Sacramento and Woodland Parole Agents, held a free community youth football clinic at River City High School on May 18. Pro NFL players along with Invictus Foundation staff and community leaders put kids, ages 5-14, through fundamental football drills.

They imparied life lessons on character, the impact of choices and how to be a champion in football, academics and life.

The West Sacramento Police Department, along with Parole Agents Ryan Murphy, Michael McCowan, Charles Burrett, Steve Borge, Michael Delgado, Joel Hilton, Troy Libonati, Russell Gilbert, David Hollar and Clint Cooley, provided security to ensure a safe and educational experience for the kids. Through the use of athletics and in particular, football, the Invictus Foundation is determined to teach our youth the value of working hard, facing challenges, and striving for what they want to obtain, in this case a healthy and active lifestyle.

Kids participated in multiple drills on the field through training and motivation from coaches, local law enforcement, and community leaders.

Throughout the day, the volunteers were able to speak with community leaders, parents, and the kids about the impact of poor choices such as drugs and gangs.

DAPO agents received great feedback from both the community and the Invictus Youth Foundation.

Overall, the day was very positive and helped build CDCR’s partnership with local law enforcement and the community.

Man ready to throw football.

Parole Agent McCowan pulls back to throw a football.